Sunday, 24 May 2015


I'm never quite sure what to do when I reach a black page in my junque journals. Should I cover up most of the background with colour, or go minimal?

I had some black washi tape, so I started with that. I liked the white so went with it, tracing round the edge of a linked rings mask in two opposing corners. I didn't feel like adding colour to the rings, so doodled in them instead.

When I was finished with the doodling, it looked as if the two areas of pattern were reaching out to each other, so I linked them with a few lines.

My imagination kicked in, and I thought about the lines being stitches - if the thread was drawn tight, it would pull the two patterns together. If we want to draw together in community, we need to look for the things that will draw us together, the sameness rather than the differences. After all, we are all more alike than different.


  1. Loving the evolution of the piece!

  2. Deep thoughts Tracy :) I love they way you think and the minimalism of the page.


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