Friday, 15 May 2015

When the wind blows...

On a recent retreat, we went for a short contemplative walk around the wetlands, only about ten minutes. As we walked, there was a gentle breeze. I noticed that the grasses and reeds were moving a lot in the wind, whereas the trees were hardly moving at all.

So, do I bend with the wind, or resist it?

And there was a rustling noise coming from the grasses, too, but other plants were quiet.

So, do I make a lot of noise when the wind blows, or do I bear it in relative silence?

When the wind blows - whether it is bringing change, suffering, hardship - how do I react to it?

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  1. Love everything about this! The combination of luscious colors, harmonious shape and stamps makes for a layout that delivers. Your thoughts and reflections are meaningful to me. You have challenged me to think about these things and face the wind head on with delight. This post spoke to me.


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