Friday, 22 May 2015


While I was working out what to do in Kim's journal, (see the previous 2 posts) I cut out a bunch of heads from a fashion spread. In the end I didn't use them, but they were sitting on my workbench. I wasn't sure where this page was going, but the heads were begging to be used, so on to the page they went.

They set me thinking about how society can pressure us in so many ways to fit into a mould, to become clones of each other, to act in certain ways and like certain things. But if you want to flourish, you need to be happy in your own skin, to just be yourself and not allow others to force you into a shape that isn't authentic for you.

Why be a cookie-cutter person when you can be your own unique self?


  1. Love the headS! Surely they are not nagging...

  2. It' always amazes me how creativity can be sparked by simple things - in this case the heads for you. Great message indeed. Love your journal page.


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