Sunday, 28 May 2017

A walk through a completed journal

Never stop dreaming.

I have just completed another art journal. This one covers March to May 2017. It doesn't have all the journal pages I created during that time as I work in several at once, but this journal was the one I worked in the most. (If you'd like to walk through it with me, you can see it on my instagram account here.)

I can see that over time my art journalling has become more complex, with more layers and more marks than I used to do. I am also more ready to draw in it rather than look for magazine images to use. Here are a few pages from earlier in my art journalling journey:





Earlier this year.

Along the way I've worked out which sorts of paper I like to use (24 sheets of A4 300gsm watercolour paper, ring-bound with a Zutter Bind-it-all) and become happier with my handwriting and drawing skills. I still make pages that I don't like sometimes, but the daily practice is paying off.

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  1. I love the richness of colour and pattern in your pages, Tracy. I look forward to your blog every week as a way to fill the well. Beautifully done, my friend!


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