Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Yay! Now I can feel like a proper artist.

Yes, I know - I'm already an artist. But don't you have that feeling sometimes? As if you're a bit of a fraud. You call yourself an artist, but are you really? You don't make a living at it. You're just pottering around in your 'studio', splashing some paint around, just enjoying yourself.


So when I put an expression of interest in to SALA (South Australian Living Artists) which runs every August, I wasn't expecting to be successful. The City Library were looking for artists to exhibit.  What better place for an art journaller to show art journals?

I sent off the email with photos and some blurb about my art and forgot about it.

Then last week I received an email - I'd been successful! There followed a flurry of registration paperwork which is now all complete. Now I'm catching my breath and waiting for it all to seem real.

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  1. YAY indeed! Congratulations, Tracy, for this well-deserved honour. Your journals will be fabulous in there! LOVE this page, too - a celebration of being a 'proper artist'.


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