Tuesday, 9 May 2017

When you feel like you're falling apart

What holds you together when you feel like you're falling apart?

I didn't know where this page was going until I put the zigzag line between the two orange pieces. They reminded me of stitches; the kind that you use to pull two pieces together to abut one another.

There are some days when it feels like everything is out of control, falling apart. You have no idea what is going on, how you're going to continue, or where you are going. Those are the days I really have to lean in and believe. Believe that what God says about never leaving me is true and that He is with me through all of it.

He holds me together when I feel that I'm going to fly apart.


  1. Lovely colors and stamping!

  2. Gorgeous piece!! Faith got me through for years! Faith and hope are a beautiful thing to get through the rough patches!! All the best...wishing you joyful dreamy days ahead!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I absolutely LOVE this piece Tracy! The colors, composition & texture. Fabulous. I think we all have that feeling of falling apart now & then and of course, we all have our own way of getting through the dark days. I send you BIG hugs from Canada & hope you always find that light within. xo


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