Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Latest faces

Here are some of the faces I have done lately. There's definite improvement from a couple of years ago. I've been practicing with ink in a waterbrush. You can't do fine lines and the lines you do put down you can't change. This is very freeing in a lot of ways. The results are more sketchy and you can work quickly, not expecting to get down all the details but more of a feel of the face.

The face above is copied from a photo that had extreme light and shadow. I wondered how it would look if I tried to draw that way. It looks a bit odd, but I think it has a certain charm. I'd like to give it another go, maybe with a darker paint.

I liked the drips on this page and didn't really want to cover them up, so drew a face over it instead.

This one is on the edge of a journal page. Doing half a face means you don't have to get the left and right to match :)


  1. Great selection! You are brave using the ink. It is certainly a commitment. I especially like the red portrait. Something so warm in her eyes.

    Half faces always make me feel that there is a bit of a mystery. A bit you can't see. A bit that might change the whole game. I like them as they allow the viewer to take part in the creation. I have never thought of this before. Thank you for making me think more deeply.

  2. I love your exploration with faces, Tracy, and particularly like the one on the red drips. There is much impact there!


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