Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Reaching out a hand

Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos, you have to reach out a hand to bring some calm. Reach out and connect with someone each day. Be there. Listen.

This page got away from me. The background became more and more fraught. The more I tried to tone it down, the worse it looked.

It was a big hot mess.

What to do?

When it doubt, block some of it out.

So I stuck my hand down, drew round it, and blacked out the rest. When I wrote the words, I realised they are quite apt for the world we live in. Although I was reaching out a hand to bring calm to my page, in life we need to be reaching out to one another, connecting, and realising that we are all human beings, all the same beneath the skin. Love and kindness can heal a lot of wounds, but we need to be brave enough to reach out a hand.

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  1. What great contrast here, Tracy - that hand against the black is outstanding! And yes, what an exceptionally apt quote to tie it all together.


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