Tuesday, 29 August 2017


The wheels of life keep turning and sometimes we don't know exactly what's next. But that doesn't mean everything has to stop. We can still dance, even in the uncertainty.

I scribbled across this page then went away and did something else for a while. When I came back the words for it popped straight into my head. Now sitting back and looking at the page, it makes sense to me. There are a couple of wheels or cogs, like the machinery of time. There's a big black patch in the middle, obscuring the view. But the blue Neocolor just dances across the page regardless.

When things aren't certain, we can be paralysed into doing nothing. Don't let it happen! Don't let uncertainty stop you in your tracks, but keep moving forward, even if it's only in tiny steps.

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  1. What a wonderful post, Tracy, and I love the colour and pattern on the page...you've got my feet tapping, even with the uncertainty! xo


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