Friday, 11 May 2018

New landscapes

Whenever you move house you take on a new landscape. Not only physically, geographically, but also on the inside.

There are new people to integrate into your daily life. New routes to take in new surroundings. New opportunities and new ways of thinking because everything is different.

When I told my daughter that this page reminded me of a landscape, she pointed out that these are very Australian colours. She's right. It takes time to assimilate all the new stuff in one's life. Sometimes longer than we think. I am surrounded by greenery in our new home, but my mind is obviously lagging a little. Well, they say it takes a year to recover from the reverse culture shock, so let's not hurry things.


  1. This is a very striking page, Tracy! I love it and your thoughts on moving really resonate with me.

  2. What a stunning page,'s definitely got that Australian heat all over it, but perhaps that soft green at the bottom centre is determined to grow into it.


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