Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Start with love

This was one of those pages that just got out of hand. Everything I put on it just made it worse. It turned into a headache-inducing hot mess.

What do you do when your page is a mess? Block some of it out.

So I took out the white paint and a silhouette mask cut out of a magazine, and calmed it down a bit. All it called for after that was a heart and some stamping.

Simplifying the page made it so much better. Simplifying our reaction to others can do the same. The longer I live a life of faith the more I come back to "love God, love one another" as being the best place to start. It's simple and hard at the same time, but well worth the effort.

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  1. LOVE your formerly-hot-mess's outstanding! Isn't white paint or gesso a blessing for calming us down (something like love, right?)!


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