Friday, 19 October 2018

Adventures on canvas

I'm having fun at the moment playing on canvas. I use all the same techniques that I use in my art journal, just in a form that could be - deep breath! - hung on a wall.

These are the three I have on the go, plus some close-ups of different areas.

Below is a part of the canvas where I've applied paint and then taken it off with a baby-wipe through sequin waster. Just looking at the three canvases together, I can see that I've actually used this technique on all three, just in different colours.

The brick pattern in the corner of the canvas below is a gelli-print on greaseproof paper with alcohol ink. This is the ghost print after the stencil was lifted.

I love using foreign (to me!) language papers as collage items. They give texture without me trying to read the text through the paint.

Love the colour combo in the corner below. Must do a canvas in that orangey red, yellow, and lime green.


  1. Hi Tracy, I love what you're doing on these canvases... they most definitely would look great on a wall!

  2. These are fabulous, Tracy, and I love it that you're working on canvas. It made me smile to see that you used closeups on all my favourite parts! <3


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