Wednesday, 24 October 2018

seeds to trees

What will these seeds grow to be?

When I started this page I had no idea where it was going, which is nothing new. The circle kept calling for an image. I had a hand-carved stamp of a tree that fit perfectly, so I put it in there. For some reason it felt like I was looking into a crystal ball, which made me think about looking into the future. If I was seeing a tree in the future, what was it talking about now?

All plants start from seeds, so what seed am I planting to have a tree in the future? Am I thinking ahead and being deliberate in my planting?


  1. A lovely and thoughtful artwork Tracy. The tree feels perfect in that spot :D)

  2. I love your musings as much as I love the image on your journal page. You are, as always, pure delight!


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