Monday, 29 October 2018

Brickwork or pebble-dashing?

Brickwork or pebble-dashing? One shows the structure, the other covers it up.

The top left corner of this page has a brick pattern on it. The black and pink area on the right made me think of pebbles, hence the journalling on this spread.

When we build things, we can do it in a couple of ways. We can let the structure show - all the places where the bricklaying didn't go exactly to plan, the bricks that aren't the same colour as the rest, the flaws in the bricks, the joins where extensions were added - or we can cover it up, like with pebble-dashing. With the latter, it all looks neat and precise, but is the structure sound?

It's like with other areas of life: will you put a mask on it, or let things show, even if they're not perfect?


  1. Beautiful page...especially love the touch of blue in this one.

  2. Love this page, Tracy, and had to smile at Debbie's comment. For me, it's the magenta that sings. Isn't it great we're all so unique?!!!


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