Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Sometimes things grow in ways you don't expect.

I used a hand-carved stamp for the plant on this page. One is growing as you would expect and two are coming in from the side. The one in the 'correct' orientation is black and white while the others are in colour. As I stood back and looked at the page, it made me think about how things grow. We have expectations for things. When you plant a seed, the roots go down and the shoot grows upwards. It's how plants work.

Unless you're in space.

In space there is no gravity to tell the roots which way is down. The plants don't grow in the way they would on the earth.

Sometimes you sow seeds in life that you expect to have a particular outcome. But life is unexpected and things come in from left-field.

Sow the seeds and expect the unexpected.

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  1. What a rich page, Tracy, not only in colour and texture, but in thoughtfulness. Growth is a tricky thing, and sometimes we don't recognize it when we see it!


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