Friday, 9 November 2018

Faithfulness in the small things

When you're just going along, running a household, doing the chores, it is easy to feel that you're not achieving anything. You can look around you and see people doing amazing things, being outstanding in their field, making a difference, and feel small and insignificant next to them.

But that's because you're comparing yourself to someone else.

Faithfulness in the small things is important. The everyday can feel insignificant because it is familiar  and never ending. But it is also necessary. If we don't attend to the necessary and only want to do the big, splashy, 'laudable' things, what does that say about us?


  1. Tracy -- Your art and words, "Faithfulness in the small things," are just the homily my heart needed to remind me of what my life is about. There were chapters to write and a new art idea to try, but late afternoon was spent in a first-ever video chat with a far-away great-granddaughter who seems in need of a listening ear and my evening eating a simple supper and talking with my irreplaceable, precious husband.

    A few months ago I followed you and a number of other mixed media artists on Instagram. Lots of great work from so many, but it is yours that make me pause every time. I go by, then return. Go by, then return. Now that I see your accompanying words, I see that your underlying thoughts were communicating through your art. Lovely congruence. Original, not derivative, another bonus.

    1. Thank you so much, Beth. Your comment is just the encouragement I needed to read today.

  2. I love this on so many levels, Tracy - and it's a great reminder for me since I've been doing a lot of that comparing recently. Small things, indeed, and how welcome they are!


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