Friday, 30 November 2018

Where's your focus?

Watch your focus!

When I stood back to look at this page, my eye was drawn to the black lines behind the leaves. Now, you might not have noticed them until I pointed them out, but for me they shouted. I really wish I hadn't put them on there. They are in the layer behind the leaves, but the placing means they show through in a way that makes them stand out.

The rest of the page I love.

So should I dismiss this whole page because of one element that rankles?

No. I need to change my focus. I refuse to allow a couple of lines to take away enjoyment from an entire page.  I choose to focus on the bits that I'm happy with - the wavy lines, the scale pattern, the leaves. Taken together, they are most of the page, so why let a small element spoil it?

And such is life. How often do we focus on one small aspect that is annoying us? Why give it your focus and your energy? Look at the big picture instead.

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  1. What a stunning page, Tracy, and I didn't notice those black lines at all - until you mentioned them. I so appreciate the reminder about changing focus; it's a vital life lesson!


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