Wednesday, 28 November 2018


When I stood back from this page all I could see was a storm, a tornado, a maelstrom. No need to ask what that was about - this is how I feel inside at the moment. Everything is whirling and feels out of control. It's my age. I'm approaching the dreaded M word - menopause. A time when your body feels like it's not your own and moods swing wildly.

But I'm hanging on in there and journalling it out.


  1. Oh, yes! I am happy to be beyond that now, 'cause it's a maelstrom indeed! I wish I'd thought to pour it all into my journals, Tracy - kudos to you!!!

  2. Keep journalling Tracy - that will surely help, as with Win's sentiments above I too wished I'd thought to turn to art for that time of turmoil.
    It does pass though... just hang on tight (chocolate helps) ;D)


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