Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Don't let fear rule!

Do not let fear rule - care for one another.

I went to do my weekly shopping trip on Monday and it was horrendous. Where there are usually two tills open at the most and a couple of people waiting at each, instead there were five open tills and people were queueing halfway down the shop. It took us about twenty minutes to get to the till. The whole job took twice as long as usual and there were several items on my list that I couldn't get because the shelves were empty.

People had trolleys that were piled high - 4 of everything because those were the restrictions. Who really needs 4 packs of crumpets + 4 packs of teacakes + 4 loaves + 4 packs of rolls + 4 packs of drop scones? Really? There were no packets of flour on the shelves. Has everyone taken up baking all of a sudden? As someone who bakes every week, I have to be honest and tell you that I was slightly annoyed that I couldn't pick up my usual pack of flour that I have on my list once a fortnight. That's all I wanted, just one pack. I'm not stockpiling, just buying to feed my family for a week.

Why do we let fear rule? Please, please ask yourself if you really need that extra pack (or 3!) of toilet rolls/flour/UHT milk. What if we all bought just what we really need for the week? What if we left something for the next person or took something to the local foodbank?

What if we started to care for one another instead of letting fear make us selfish?


  1. I totally agree! Thank you for sharing this, Tracy. We need to look after one another rather than hoarding.

  2. I love this post, Tracy. We've just returned from a holiday in Mexico, and are under self-quarantine. When our daughter went to shop for groceries for us she found the same type of situation as you describe, and found it very stressful. Even in a teeny tiny town like ours, the fear is palpable, when all we need to do is to share and remain calm. Sending warm thoughts and virtual hugs across the ocean, my dear friend! May you come through these trying times safely.


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