Saturday, 13 April 2013

Art Journal Journey

Another exploration of the Art Journal Journey theme for this month - landscape within me. As winter approaches in the southern hemisphere I start to enter a sort of winter within. It's a time of contemplation; a time for shedding those things that are no longer necessary; a time for gathering resources for new growth.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautifully written too. I wish I could feel this way about winter, and embrace it more positively, but I dislike the darkness and the bitter cold so brings me down much of the time. When sunny warmer days appear, my spirit lifts. In winter, though, I am contemplative! Your blog brings me joy. I love to visit here. Kathy

  2. A gorgeous LANDSCAPE.. I really love those red and blue on it!
    very ARTSY Tracy!
    Thank you for this second wonderful entry for ART JOURNAL JOURNEY and I have to write that I also like the falling pieces and your thoughts on it and your leather bound Journal showed in WOYWW is awesome!
    Have a good weekend!

    xxx from Austria are the very first spring days.. not really spring but it seems to begin !

  3. I love this, I like that you have bright colours for your winter within.

  4. stunning landscape, love it!

  5. beautiful colours and artwork... Gill x

  6. Wow,waht a wonderful creation, I love your winter landscape,is soooo beautiful, i love it!!AWESOME!!

    GLG Jeannette


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