Friday, 19 April 2013

Journal in faith - week one

Sharon over at Standing on Faith has started a new link-up today - Journal in Faith. The first prompt is Renewal.

Looking up the word in the dictionary I found a couple of definitions that spoke to me:
1. to restore to its original state
2. to restore with a fresh supply

Both of these seemed apt for a life of faith. We are constantly aiming to shed the worldly as a tree sheds its leaves in winter, and to be restored with a new supply of leaves, growth worthy of the new life we've been given.

Each day, in prayer, I am able to confess and be forgiven by grace. Each day I can aim, with God's fresh supply of help and empowerment, to grow a little closer to being 'restored to factory settings'; to become more the person I was made to be in the beginning.

In the end I will be completely renewed. I look forward to that day.

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  1. This is beautiful Tracy. Love the tree analogy. Thanks ever so much for joining with me. Blessings Sharon.


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