Thursday, 18 April 2013

The little things

This is a subject I keep returning to. It's so important to be thankful and find joy in simple pleasures.

This page was something that put itself together. This is the journal that I stick pictures into at random, use for leftover paint from other things and suchlike. The brown paper on the left and the magazine pic were already on the page. I had a Carolyn Dube moment - the tree is the backing paper from a transfer I used on another page. It was lying around on my desk so I grabbed it and stuck it down, not really having any idea where the page was going. I carved a leaf stamp and used it to add foliage to the bare branches.

Then out came the washi tape (finally tracked some down although there were only four packs to choose from...). A little more colour was needed so the middle section was painted with acrylic in a very slapdash fashion. A little stamping down the right-hand edge and it felt ready for some journalling.

But what was the page saying to me? It had come together in a way that wasn't my usual style so I had to step back and think about it. I looked at the lovely smile and it came to me - joy.

So what are the little things that bring you joy?

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