Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New toy!

A little while ago my husband discovered Kickstarter. He decided to support 3Doodler and about a month ago our parcel arrived. With the build up to Christmas it sat in the cupboard, but this week I pulled it out to give it a try.

So what is 3Doodler? you ask. Well, it's a machine that lets you draw in plastic in 3 dimensions. Cool, huh? You can find the website here. There are some fantastic creations.

I thought I'd make some parts for a necklace as my first try. The first ones were very wobbly as I was learning to control the pen. By the third stick of plastic I was beginning to get the hang of it. I can see more plastic jewellery in my future. However, my daughter has snaffled this one :)


  1. Oh I have seen these they look like great fun. I may have to get one at some point, great first attempt too :)

  2. Your first attempt looks great, Tracy! Seems to be a funny toy to play with. But I'm afraid that the fumes such a thing produces by melting the plastic won't be very healthy.


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