Thursday, 23 January 2014

Baby steps

I've had this image hanging around for a while. This week it called out to be used.

The woman seems to be making large strides, running along and covering the ground quickly. I don't often feel that I'm moving like that.

More often it's a long, slow slog.

It struck me, though, that it doesn't matter whether I take large strides or small steps; each one in the right direction takes me closer to the goal.

So be encouraged when things are going slowly...

…because even the baby steps will get you there in the end.


  1. I love this powerful creation - perfect!

  2. What a great message!!! Love your page.

  3. So true and the spread fits perfectly for this theme! Have a nice weekend, Tracy!

  4. Another wonderful page! Its full of energy with that striding figure on the blue backround. So true too to remember that small steps going in the right direction are good.

  5. Love this spread. It really gets your message across.

  6. oohh,i love your journal pages,its so true,the poem its perfectly,love all your juornal pages,they full of power and energie,wonderful.


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