Thursday, 16 January 2014

Beate's journal - second spread

So, the second spread in Beate's journal - Fools and Divinities - was the 'divinities' portion. (You can see the fools spread in my last post and what Beate's journal looks like here.)

For me the word 'divinity' leads me straight to God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There were so many different ways this spread could have gone. In the end I went for the 'Holy, holy, holy' cry from Revelation. I wanted the background to be full of colour and movement, like a party. Many many layers of paint, ink, glaze, and stamping later, I'm fairly happy with it.

This tag has a trinitarian symbol pressed into gold embossing powder. The background was done with ink and clingfilm (saran wrap, plastic wrap, whatever).

Beate made tags for us all to sign in on. Here's mine. A bit of collaged paper, some scraped paint, drips of ink, and a couple of stamps - a hand-carved open arrow and a sunflower that I designed.

And the back with a couple of strips of washi tape.

And now the journal is off to Susan Jane in California while I wait for the next instalment in this collaborative adventure. 


  1. A beautiful spread full of layers and movement. I love how you incorporated the tag. All together looks great! Have a nice weekend, Tracy!

  2. Wonderful! Yes, Holy,holy holy.


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