Sunday, 5 January 2014

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #33

 A new year and a new chapter in Journal Fodder 365. The first prompt in the chapter called 'symbolically speaking' is attributes.

The idea is to think about yourself as a product or a company - what sort of logo would you have? What symbols represent you?

I thought about what attributes I have and a tortoise was the thing that came to mind. I tend to plod rather than race, taking small steps and working at things steadily. I'm rather self-contained, pulling my head in when the world becomes too much and I feel a need to retreat. In terms of colours, too, the tortoise is fitting. I'm not a 'colourful' personality, flamboyant, or the life and soul of the party. No, the muted colours of tortoises and the subtle beauty of their shells, that's more like me. I can easily blend in to the background - and it's what I prefer :)

If you had to pick a symbol for yourself, what would it be?


  1. Wow Tracy, not only a beautiful spread, but also a very profound one. I love tortoises but they don't match with me. What a pity! I have to think about what I would be. It's an interesting question!

  2. just fabulous Tracey! I love this! I love turtles and snails .. and hope to become a turtle or a snail in my next life!

  3. I love your tortoise and the flowers, they made me smile and then think! I don't know how I would describe myself, will have to think about this one. Thanks so much for your comment - I had to add my link twice and can't delete the one that's not working!

  4. This is WONDERFUL, love all the soft layers!

  5. Love your happy tortoise and the gray flowers under the red one. I'm not sure what I would choose for a symbol. I do like birds a lot though.

  6. I am thrilled that I found your blog through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! Your journal page is so unique, and I'm in love with the colors! Very well done. I blog too: if you want to check it out!


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