Tuesday, 4 February 2014

29 faces - day 5

So, let's really get out of the comfort zone and use something that isn't my favourite medium - good old wax crayons. When I finished this face, I realised that I still drew an outline and then filled it in. Must work on that!

And back in the art journal:

I'm working on a few projects that are starting to come together. It's a year for reaching out and starting to work in a wider circle. Who knows what might happen?


  1. Wonderful layers and texture! Lovely!

  2. I love how colorful these are =) She is lovely.

  3. I really enjoy your style and the colors and layering that go with it. Very nice.

  4. Just love all those colours. The face is really striking, love those eyes.

  5. Your art journal is so lovely...love the colors and the doodles...just everything:) The words, too.



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