Sunday, 14 September 2014

Order out of Chaos

It seems pertinent that my first piece of art in my new studio should be about bringing order out of chaos after the mammoth task of emptying all the boxes (see my last post for the full horror of it).

This page just felt too dark. I tried to lighten it up by printing with cream acrylic on to the blue/grey background, but the arrows ending up pointing in so many different directions that it felt chaotic. I had the definite feeling of wrestling with the page, trying to bring some order to it. In the end, I gave in and let it say what it was saying.

Do you ever wrestle with your pages?


  1. Wow I believe you, I was just reorganizing my place in april and I felt over-exhausted, but the end and even now I say it paid off, it looks better, still messy in creation but definitely more organized ;-)


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