Thursday, 18 September 2014

One Little Word - Fear

If you haven't discovered the One Little Word monthly challenge yet, hop on over and join in the fun! Each month a word is chosen. This month's is fear. And did I mention that each month a random contributor is chosen to receive a prize? Last month I won!


Yes, the big one.

The thing that holds us back.

The feeling that paralyses.

How do we overcome?

How does courage overwhelm the fear?

Quite a few times the Lord has asked me to do something that has fear raising its ugly head and laughing in my face.

Did I do what I was asked?

Yes! Because I have to tell you that the thought of being disobedient has me feeling much worse than those butterflies. And no, it's not fear of God in that I'm frightened of Him. I am moved by love. The thought of missing out on an opportunity for growth, on a chance to make a difference in a way I cannot yet comprehend, is a fabulous motivator to kick fear in the teeth and go for it anyway.

And you know what? That feeling when I have not let fear get the better of me?

That feeling of perceptible growth?

Pure joy!


  1. God has really been talking to me about this recently and telling me to be courageous! I love your page, Tracy, all the interesting layers.

  2. Gorgeous work, Tracy! Wonderful quote and beautiful colours! :) Katooshie

  3. Love your new look!! It is so awesome to watch you grow so much as an artist!!!! Keep up the wonderful creativity!!!!

  4. And I felt pure joy after reading your post and seeing your beautiful work of art using the one little word this month! So amazing!!!!!

  5. Thanks for linking this post to Sunday Sentiments, Tracy. It really made me think about my own fears and courage (or lack of!). I love those tiny dots you punched in your top layer!

  6. Amen and Amen Tracy! I love, love your page! Your sentiments are spot on! I would rather do in the face of fear and be blessed on the other side than not do in the face of fear and disobedience and fall short of His calling and miss that amazing blessing He has planned for me as I grow deeper in my relationship with Him! Thank you for this wonderful blessing today! :)

  7. Very interesting page, wish you had explained the process a bit.


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