Wednesday, 3 September 2014


The theme for September over at Mix-it-Monthly is trees.

I've said it before, and will doubtless say it again - having the seasons turned around when you move into a new hemisphere really messes with your head! There is no mass drop of leaves in the autumn leading to the bare greenlessness of dark brown limbs reaching for the sky in winter. There is no sudden burst of new life with the greening of spring. The new-life symbols of Easter just aren't there as it now happens in the autumn. Christmas brings rising temperatures - the furthest from snow you can get.

So I'm having to learn new cues from the trees. The bottle-brushes are red with blooms and the May blossom is out, so it must be September. When the jacarandas are Dr. Seuss purple, it's November and Christmas is coming, even though the days are getting hotter and longer. If the lawn has suddenly gone from flat, brown, and crunchy to green and knee-height overnight, the first rains of autumn have fallen and it must be April. When there are crunchy leaves on the floor it's of no help whatsoever, as the plane trees seem to drop leaves all through the year depending on how extreme the temperature is!

The seasons may not be so baldly plain as they are in the UK, but I'm starting to see the subtle differences in the trees.


  1. Tracy I love the way you use circles in your art, let it be a stamp, a print or a collage piece, somehow it seems fitting all your images!

  2. A great collage Tracy.. a fantastic abstract!

  3. Love the spirals inside the circles. Can't begin to imagine 'spring' blossom in the 'autumn' and 'summer' flowers in 'winter'. :)

  4. Your piece is very calming and so soft in color, Tracy! I love it! It has a lovely touch of autumn to me that I love! Thank your for beeing tree-friendly with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  5. How Beautiful. I agree, this piece is very calming. Absolutely love the colors.

  6. So simple yet most striking Tracy. Lovely work. xox

  7. Fantastic work Tracy love all the circles

    Its my first time with Mix it Monthly so am learning from you all


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