Friday, 5 September 2014

Fun with a small gelli-plate

I've spent some time this week playing with a small gelli-plate, using it as a stamp, inspired by this post at Gelli-Arts. These are some backgrounds for my prayer and Bible study journal.

Using the plate as a stamp is fun. You can print through stencils and over masks, use the ghost prints, and also print with the paint left on the stencil.

Once I'd made the background below using the blues and greens, I used a baby-wipe to add yellow over the top to pull everything together.

I found that using stencils with small, repeating patterns worked best, but perhaps that's just my preference for geometric shapes :)


  1. O wow, simply stunning backrounds! and it looks like so much fun to do. I followed the link and watched the video and now I want a gelli-plate :)

  2. i can see the fun you had - the results are wonderful! i think i should have a gelli plate, too...

  3. Oh, Tracy, you make me want to pull out my plates. Beautiful prints!


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