Thursday, 25 September 2014

Art Journal Journey

Somehow I missed last month's Art Journal Journey, and this month I'm just squeaking in at the last minute, what with the move and everything. But here it is, just in time - living beings.

The circles on this page set the words from the hymn going in my head - creator of the rolling spheres, ineffably sublime. Then my thoughts went to something I read about stars singing (they vibrate at a particular frequency that corresponds to musical notes), although they cannot be heard in the vacuum of space.

And hence this page, with its many living beings in the widest sense.

And to join in with Carolyn Dube's play date week, this page also has some spray paint play on it - the mauve circles at the top right and the yellow ones at the bottom right are made using both sides of a stencil. I sprayed the mauve ink through and then used the excess on the stencil to 'stamp' at the bottom.


  1. Beautiful spread Tracy, I love your circles, the way you arrange them on the spread, you really make them dimensional!

  2. Wonderful page, love the colours and feeling of motion. Thanks for playing along at Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  3. A wonderful spread Tracy! I really adore this dimesional circles and the composition !
    Thank you for sharing this fab piece with us for the living being challenge over at
    Art Journal Journey!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Tracy! I love the sentiment and the way you painted it! Just beautiful!!!! The colors are gorgeous, too. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

  5. Tracy, this is YUMMY with color! I love the sentiment and agree! The page seems to speak that very thought as your eye looks on every element! Thanks for sharing! I love it! Blessings!

  6. I absolutely love your page - I am new follower. A few of my Kraafters Kommunity members liked this post and I saw that they had +1'd it. I am so grateful that G+ does that as I now have your blog to get lost in.

    Keep up the work and I am very glad you were able to "squeak" this one in!

  7. You should turn this into a canvas. BRAVO..... another awesome journal spread!!! I'm so happy I chose to follow you. Happiness in my inbox on a daily basis!!! (((HUGS)))

  8. Thanks so much, everyone! After a patchy couple of weeks - moving, lack of internet connection etc. - I'm feeling very much welcomed back :)

  9. This page is beautiful, Tracy! The colors are so vivid and beautiful and I love the circles!

  10. Amazing page Tracy love all the colours and texture

    Hilda x

  11. Great page. Your background is so fabulous and you put some great images on it.


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