Monday, 27 October 2014

Airing my insecurities

I really like the way this page turned out. To start with there were too many harsh lines where I had randomly collaged on a piece of paper with a bold red background. It really wasn't working for me.

But a few pieces of Russian book page and a slathering of gesso and pale blue acrylic later, and the juices were flowing. Blue ink sprayed through a stencil, some white doodling, and a few dots of pink lumiere paint and it was ready for journalling.

So what was on my mind? I have set up a date for a workshop, but find it cringeworthy when I have to tell people about it. What if no-one wants to come? But of course, if I don't tell people about it, how will they decide? Ah, the insecurities of the artist :)

And here are some lettering practice pages. 

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