Thursday, 23 October 2014


For the first time ever - as far as I can remember - my daughter and I found ourselves locked out of the house. We had both wandered into the garden to fetch in the washing when the door blew shut behind us. My daughter was shoeless. My husband was at Synod all day.

Oh dear.

After getting over feeling incredibly dumb, we started to count our blessings and be thankful. The church was open, so we had access to toilets and water. There is plenty of shade in our garden, along with tables and chairs. There were even boxes of books at church, collected ready for a book sale, so we had something to read.

We were locked out for four and a half hours, but God still provided for us.

And we were thankful.

Sharing this over at One Little Word, where the word for the month is 'thankful'

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  1. This is gorgeous, Tracy! I love your art work! You used the word thankful in such a beautiful and creative way!


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