Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gelli fun

My floor after a gelli-plate session last night :)

The one above started with a layer of turquoise that had a comb run through it in a wavy pattern. It looked a bit plain, so I cleaned some lime green paint off the brayer towards one side. Then a layer of bright blue paint on to the gelli-plate and some of it lifted with a sponge stamp. Once the print was dry I outlined each shell with a gold pen.

This is another sponge stamp. Again I outlined the flowers, this time with a Sharpie and a black micron pen. This was printed directly into a journal.

The green, gold, and copper piece on the right is a piece of tape I used to clean off the plate when some dried paint from a stencil stuck to it. Yes, shocking - I don't always clean off my stencils :) The gold and copper is Perfect Pearls powder.

I like the effect on the black scrap paper I had lying around. Must explore that a bit more.


  1. Wow, fantastic prints Tracy, can't wait to see your creations out of these beautiful prints!

  2. Looks like you had awesome fun!

  3. Tracy, I LOVE all of those prints! So much yummy color! Like Ruth, can't wait to see the projects!! Blessings!

  4. Yes, definitely love the black paper also! Make sure to share ")


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