Monday, 26 March 2018

Don't plant too early

Don't plant seeds too early or the frost will kill the. Make sure the ground is warm.

This little seedling turned up on my page and set me thinking. Having a new garden means I'm thinking about what to plant where. There's an awful lot of lawn but I want to grow fruit and vegetables. I'll have to do a lot of digging, cutting back, mowing.

There's a temptation to get things into the ground as soon as possible, to see things taking shape and bearing fruit. But there's still a chance of frost and planting too early would be a waste of time and resources.

This is true both with a physical garden, but also in terms of starting out in a new parish. We've been here a few weeks and the temptation is to get going with doing something. But that would be a mistake. The ground isn't warm yet because we haven't built up relationships yet. Although the prevailing feeling seems to be that you have to be doing to be relevant, sometimes you just have to be before you can do.

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  1. So true, Tracy, and it's such temptation to tear right into things, isn't it? Yet the wait and contemplation bears such beautiful fruit!


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