Wednesday, 28 March 2018


In my journal for this liminal period I did a bit of gelli-printing on some of the pages, just to have a little colour and pattern that I knew I wouldn't be able to replicate with my limited supplies. When I started to enhance the pattern on this page, I found it starting to look like a landscape. The addition of the trees brought it all into focus.

When you move to somewhere new it is easy to get caught up on all the details. It is important to make sure you step back and look at the big picture as well. The details can be deceptive when taken on their own, just as a single photo shows only a moment within time and may be misconstrued.

I know it will take time to take it all in and I have to be patient when I am itching to get started, but the results will hopefully be worth it.

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  1. Lovely, Tracy - it was VERY smart of you to Gelli print some pages; it's obviously gotten you off to a great start on this piece. Love the text showing through and the accidental landscape!


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