Monday, 30 July 2018

Circulation and exchange

The elements on this page reminded me of the circulatory system - blue for veins, red for arteries - so I added a heart as well. That set me thinking about the function of the circulatory system, which is circulation and exchange.

The same can be said of my morning quiet time. As I live through each day I pick up 'carbon dioxide' in the form of petty resentments, sharp words, unkindness, selfishness and the like, so I need to go back to the heart. If I let everything build up I suffocate in my own inadequacies and wretchedness. Spending time in God's word each day cleans me up so I'm fit to go out into the world again.

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  1. Beautiful page, Tracy, and as always I am struck both by your paintings and by your thoughtfully crafted inner examination.


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