Monday, 23 July 2018

Clouds pass

Clouds pass.

But how much attention do we give them?

This page has just a single cloud amongst a whole heap of colour and energy, but it's right there in the middle. It's the thing that the eye rests on. The sky can be as blue as blue, but if there's a single cloud, it grabs our attention, doesn't it?

And isn't that just what we do with the clouds of life? As soon as they appear, we start to worry that it's going to rain. We give them far more attention than they are worth, casting glances at them every few seconds and ignoring the sunlight all around them.

Clouds pass, but the sun is always there, even when we can't see it. Let's keep things in proportion.

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  1. Wonderful page, Tracy...I love all those layers peeking out in the background from behind that one cloud!


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