Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Refuge or prison?

There is nothing wrong with having a refuge that you run to when things get tough. Lying in bed with the duvet over your head is sometimes necessary. It allows us to get the raw emotion out and gain some perspective in a safe place. It gives us breathing space.

But eventually we need to emerge from that refuge and face the world again. If we don't emerge, if we stay in bed and don't face the problem, we've made a prison for ourselves. The refuge helps us to be better able to face things not avoid them completely.

Make sure your refuge doesn't become a prison of your own making.


  1. What a beautiful page, Tracy, and a very thoughtful (and timely) post, as I 'recover' in my refuge from a year's purging, packing and moving. I think perhaps it's time to get out there again. :D


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