Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Start where you are

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." Arthur Ashe

Start where you are - because you can't start where you aren't.
How many times do we say to ourselves, 'I'll do so-and-so once I've...' I'll start swimming once I've lost a stone and look better in a costume. I'll do some studying once the kids are in senior school. I'll have an exhibition once my art is better. It's easy to procrastinate. It's easy to never start.

Use what you have - because you can't use what you don't have.
If you have money that can help someone, use it. If you have talents, use them. If you have time, give it. Don't commit yourself to something that you can't give.

Do what you can - because you can do what you can't do.
I've spent the last few weeks making props and backdrop for the holiday club that is happening at church this week. When the children's worker asked me if I would help out I told her I was rubbish with children, but good at crafts. She said she was the opposite. I was able to donate my time and talents in a way that contributed to the holiday club and that I was comfortable with. I did what I could.

So, don't worry about where you are, just start.
Don't worry about what you have, just use it.
Don't worry about what you can't do, just do what you can do.


  1. This is beautiful Tracy. Your words are so true. I have spent the last several years feeling helpless, broke, depressed and alone. I keep feeling like I could sell my art if...., I could do better if...., If only... My life has changed dramatically and now the "hope" I use to give to others isn't there for me to give to anyone including myself. Your words remind me of what I use to bring to the world. Now you have brought it to me. Thank you so much! And congratulations on helping the school! That is fantastic. Even if you are rubbish around children, I am sure they did not think so. They learned from you and someday will remember what you did and carry it forward! Big hugs, Robin "Rasz"

    1. Oh, Robin, we all have something to give! Just giving a smile to a mum struggling with small children, to an older person on their own, to a harassed salesperson lifts the day. I hope you recover your joie de vivre soon.

  2. What a fabulous page, Tracy and a great reminder to start/use/do where we are right now. As always, I love your colour!


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