Friday, 13 January 2012

Green is for growth

Several of the prompts I came up with for January were simply colours. Today's was 'green' and made me think of growth and planting seeds.

Everything we plant is supposed to grow - that is why we planted it in the first place, after all. But not everything does grow. Why is that? Well, sometimes we don't water the seeds enough, or we've placed it in unsuitable conditions so it doesn't thrive. Or maybe we forgot about it.

This led me to think about what we plant into others by our words and actions. What seeds have you planted lately? Were they placed into good soil? Are you going to water them? Will they grow?

Think, too, about those unfortunate things that you have planted in someone by your careless words. Will those things grow? Sometimes when we have said something that hurts someone else, they nurse it and feed it and help it to grow into a much larger 'plant' than it should be. Have you done this yourself? Consider whether you need to weed out some unhelpful seeds from yourself, or out of others, by forgiveness, and which ones you need to water and help to grow.

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