Tuesday, 17 January 2012

On the grid

Don't remember why I came up with this as a prompt when I was thinking up the 31 I needed to work through January, but there you go.

My first thought was a grid pattern so I laid out the background in squares and rectangles of different colours. Then my mind started to wander to the words of the prompt. What difference would it make if I was 'off the grid' rather than on it? Off the grid reminded me of not being connected to the mains electricity supply. So what powers me?

I know I couldn't function if I wasn't plugged into God's power supply. If I try to do things in my own strength I fail. I can't keep up the necessary energy. But if I am plugged in to God 'I can do all things through Him who gives me strength'.

Of course, there are still times when I need to recharge my spirit just as my body needs recharging through sleep. I do that through my quiet time, creativity, and general good principles of work/leisure balance.

So how do you stay on the grid?

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