Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How's the weather?

Taken literally, this journal prompt would have produced a page that was one brilliant shade of blue all over; that blue that goes with heat. We are in a heat wave in Adelaide, although temperatures aren't in the 40s, as they can be, but in the 30s continually without chance for your house to cool down overnight. It really is energy-sapping.

But moving on...
I took the prompt to mean my own internal weather. It is good, sometimes, to check it out and reflect on why this should be so. For example, there are times when I feel cloudy, as if there is an impending thunderstorm, even when everything on the surface looks calm and beautiful. When this happens to me it is usually my hormones hijacking my usual disposition. I have to consciously remind myself that everything is not as black as it seems and that I am making something out of nothing.

So, how's your weather been lately?

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