Thursday, 5 January 2012

The promise of spring

Today's prompt was 'brown'. Hmm, I thought.

'Brown' conjured for me bare branches of trees in winter. Being a Brit living in Australia, January should be a time of cold weather, bare trees, and dark nights. Instead I find myself in the middle of sweltering summer, bright sunshine, and greenery. Inside me, January is a time of promise  - the promise of the coming spring and new growth. The time where you batten down the hatches and rest, drawing up resources for the burst of activity to come.

So when you feel you are slowing down and not much is happening, perhaps you are in a spiritual winter. This doesn't mean that nothing is going on inside you. It simply means that you are gathering in everything you will need for the new season of growth to come. Time spent quietly now will reap its benefits later.

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