Monday, 30 January 2012

Round in circles

I'm posting this a bit later in the day than is my usual habit. This means that I saw an episode of Mythbusters which meshed perfectly with my journal prompt for today.

'Round in circles' was the prompt, and Adam and Jamie were investigating what happens if a person tries to move in a straight line while blindfolded and wearing earmuffs. The results were interesting. It seems that it is virtually impossible to walk, swim, or even drive in a straight line without visual and auditory cues from the landscape.

My thinking in doing my journal page was that when we go round in circles we don't get anywhere. Mythbusters made me think about it a little deeper. When we are left to our own devices, without the guidance of God, we veer off the path, walking in the wrong direction, sometimes in circles, and not reaching the goal of where we are supposed to be heading.

So is there anywhere in your life where you have put on blinders and stuffed your fingers in your ears, and are walking in circles? Are there places where you are not taking full advantage of God's guidance?

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