Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bubble tea

A page to capture a whole new experience - bubble tea. I've lived in Adelaide for five years now, and as I walk through Chinatown I see plenty of signs for bubble tea. Finally we went, as a family, to try it out.

I had passion fruit green tea, my husband had black milk lychee tea, and our daughter had black milk strawberry tea. All of these teas are iced and are served with a large-bore straw. My passion fruit tea didn't have milk but did have passion fruit pulp. Unlike fruit teas from a teabag, these teas taste really fruity. The ones with milk also contain little black balls of some gelly-like substance that has its own flavour, hence the large straws.

All in all, a fun experience. I would definitely have one again.

Have you tried anything new recently?


  1. I like the pink and orange :) one of my favorite combos. I have wanted to try bubble tea but just have never ordered it yet.

  2. Love all the colors and papers that you have used. Can't say I can bring myself to try bubble tea!


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