Sunday, 29 March 2015

Susan Carol's journal - page 2

As I said in my last post, the next journal in the circle journal/round robin - Susan Carol's - arrived, and the theme is friends/friendship.

Susan used a journal with rings that open to allow you to take the pages out. I like this aspect as it means I don't have to worry about the backs of pages picking up paint (somehow I manage to get smears and blobs on the backs of pages without even trying!)

This is the second page. The first one was warmer colours (see my previous post) but I was drawn to the blue/green combo for this spread. It started with a book page from a foreign language book on music. I had cut out some circles for the first spread and just pasted on what was left of the book page. I then gessoed over the whole page. Some washi tape blended the edges of the book page into the background and provided my colour scheme.

I scraped a bit of blue acrylic paint down the right side of the page and put a piece of ribbon that Pam sent me in with the tag for the tag swap for March over the top. There followed a bit of stencilling, some tape, and a greaseproof paper gelli-print of a flower. A bit of doodling and I was then ready to add the quote.

Now I just need to do the sign-in tag, but I won't post about that - it's good to leave something as a surprise :)


  1. Gorgeous, Tracy. I know what you mean about getting paint on the back, I'm always doing it! Looking forward to the surprise!


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