Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lots of dots

I had fun making this background with a small piece of gelli-plate (yes, I cut one up!) used as a stamp. There's a great video of how to do it here. It's a great way of getting lots of colour and pattern on to a page fairly quickly.

Then add a few dots. The blue ones felt a bit stark, so the white outlining pushed them back a bit.

I find that I am journalling more words at the moment. Before I went through a season of doing a 'headline' and a few thoughts about it. That isn't happening for me now, so this page has three sections of journalling in squares.

There was a little space that was looking a bit empty, so the beautiful stamp that Pam Wildeboer sent to me fit perfectly, alongside a glittery circle.


  1. Love all the different layers and your color combo is really awesome!👍🙆👍 🙆


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