Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sequin waste, lace tape, and a toilet roll tube...

This is one of those pages where I was having fun just laying down colour and pattern, and now I look at it and wish that I had taken some progress photos! Never mind.

I had no thought as to what this would look like when it was finished. Just started with a layer of gesso and then went at it with sequin waste and spray inks to start with.

I also stuck on a piece of hand-made paper with a rose stencilled on it that was sitting on my desk - a leftover from some try-outs my daughter was doing. If you're looking hard to see it, it isn't there anymore. It was one of those pieces that I placed and then wished I'd left until the end. I loved the way it looked, but it just wasn't working when other layers were added. It started to disintegrate. In the end I peeled it off and put the tag in its place.

I'm not really one for lace, but I found this lace tape in a dollar store - 3 different widths - and I felt it calling to me, so on it went. I think I did the orange glaze next - a mix of Chromacryl clear gel medium and orange watercolour. This filled all the white that was left after spraying through and printing with the sequin waste. 

Then I went back in with the sequin waste but used some acrylic paint applied with my finger (hey, it was the nearest thing to use!). Paint went underneath, but that left some lovely dark-rimmed circles. Bonus! This was about the point at which the hand-made paper came off and the tag went on.

I wanted another layer, so this is the point at which the burgundy leaf shapes went on. They looked a bit stark, so I pushed them into the background a bit more with some white outlining. Much better. A bit of drippy spray helped, too.

A handy toilet roll tube stamped on to an ink pad made the black circles in which I journalled some thoughts, and the page was done.


  1. Wonderful Tracy, love your spread!

  2. Lovely spread, and I enjoyed reading about how you put it all together!

  3. I love to play like this with just the things sitting on my desk. Very cool result Tracy!

  4. Great layers and looks like you had great fun doing it.


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